The Only Living Boy issue #1

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The Only Living Boy - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis


Description (Goodreads):


Lost, without his memory, in an unfamiliar world, Erik Farrell must piece together a new life for himself. Can he survive as the only living boy left in the world?


My Thoughts:


This story follows a young boy who has ran away and can't remember why. He hides under a rock and falls asleep with a teddy bear he found. When he awakens he finds himself in a strange world unlike our human one. He is captured and taken to a place where many other creatures are being held also. Then he is forced into an arena to fight for his life against a nonhuman woman warrior who he was with when he was caught.


I havent read too many comics and really think this is amazing. I love the graphics.  The story was easy to understand and had enough action to keep my attention. I am anxious to see this world grow, and will definitely read the next issue. This is a the first installment of a series of stories featuring these characters, it is a cliffhanger. 




This is I  the young adult category and is rightfully placed there. People older may enjoy this also, I am 32. If you like fantasy and enjoy comics, I don't think you will regret giving this a try.