HIGH MOON Sale on Amazon!

So in general, I'm using BookLikes more to have conversations about books (mine and others) and I won't be using this platform to lay on the marketing super thick or anything, but I did want to drop a quick note about this. 

Amazon is featuring the HIGH MOON trade paperback from DC Comics for 27% off TODAY! This is a pretty awesomely massive discount. You save about $4 on a $15 book. 

HIGH MOON is a werewolf western set in Texas during the Summer of 1890. Saying too much more with spoil it -- but it does feature cowboys wrestling werewolves, if that's your thing. 
HIGH MOON is also my first collaboration with Steve Ellis. We've since gone on to create BOX 13, THE ONLY LIVING BOY, DEADLANDS, DARKSTAR & THE WINTER GUARD, and GREEN LANTERN CORPS among other things. 

So, that's the spiel. Head's up -- Amazon's got it on sale. That's it ... oh and below, I've included some art.

(Of course, you can also always read High Moon for free here, here or here

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Source: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1401224628