Oh hey, it’s my birthday!

High Moon Vol. 1 - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis The Only Living Boy #1: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis Box 13 - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis Deadlands: Dead Man's Hand - Brook Turner, Ulises Roman, David Gallaher, Shane Hensley, Lee Moder, Bart Sears, Matthew Cutter, Justin Gray, Jeff Mariotte, Ron Marz, Sean Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Ellis, Various Johnny Dollar: The Brief Candle Matter - David Gallaher Convergence: Green Lantern Corps (2015-) #1 - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis
  • While I’m spending at least portion of my birthday watching old The Kids in the Hall clips, here’s how you can help me celebrate…

    1) Buy my books! Pre-order them from your favorite bookstore or library! 


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Thank you all again for being completely fabulous!