David Gallaher

Author David Gallaher has received multiple Harvey Award nominations and won The Best Online Comic Award for his work on High Moon for DC Comics. David was an early pioneer of digital comics developing projects for Marvel as well as Box 13 – the first comic designed specifically for the iPhone – for ComiXology. He has served as a consultant for Random House, The NYPD, and McGraw-Hill. He is the writer and co-creator of the Harvey-nominated young adult series -- The Only Living Boy, and will be authoring the Green Lantern Corps for DC Comics in the Spring of 2015. He is represented by the Hill Nadell Agency. Occasionally, he reviews books.

My new favorite Book Podcast: BookJawn!

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett and Grace Gordon do the work of ten women! 
Fans of comics, Harry Potter, and cookie recipes... 

It's Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too)

It's Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too) - Nora McInerny Purmort

My friend Nora wrote a book. It's a sad book. It's a funny book. I really think you should pre-order it. 

On Superheroes...

As a child, I was awed by the Superfriends -- they lives they saved, the disasters they stopped, and the lessons they taught. DC's heroes were an indelible part of my childhood. As I grew up, my cartoon heroes became the subject of ridicule ("who wears underwear on the outside of their clothes?" they'd taunt) but I never stopped believing. Cynicism is easy, but idealism -- and faith -- in the face of adversity -- that's the hero's path. In the wake of the cowardly attack on Brussels, I choose to believe in the best of humanity. I believe we can come together to make the world a better, safer, stronger place for one another.


I believe that hope makes heroes of us all.

The Genius Factor: How to Capture an Invisible Cat

The Genius Factor: How to Capture an Invisible Cat - Paul Tobin, Thierry Lafontaine

This will be my next book purchase! 

Flash Gordon or Star-Lord?

The Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon, Volume 5 - Alex Raymond Legendary Star-Lord Volume 1: Face It, I Rule - Sam Humphries, Paco Medina, Freddie Williams

I talk the new print release of The Only Living Boy and about who wins in a fight: Flash Gordon or Star-Lord? 

Can we get it to the Top 10 this weekend?

The Only Living Boy #1: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis

The Only Living Boy is #27 in Amazon's HOT NEW RELEASES in Children's Comics & Graphic Novels -- can we get it to the Top 10 this weekend? 

I'm elated and overjoyed -- but I want MORE ...


Thank you all for ordering it! Thank you for your reviews. Your support and your awesomeness! 

Candid Talk

On io9, I talk very, very candidly about my health and how it's affected The Only Living Boy. I hope you will take the opportunity to read the story behind my story. 

Out Today: The Only Living Boy: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet

The Only Living Boy #1: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis

Today is the *bookstore* release of The Only Living Boy. I'm incredibly proud of the work Steve Ellis and I have done on this book. I'm humbled by the amazing talents that have helped make this project a success: Dara Hyde, Superfan Promotions, Christy Sawyer, Scott O. Brown, AC Brown, Tom Brennan, Papercutz, Bethany Bryan, Jeff Whitman, Carol Burrell, Van Winkle, Jim Salicrup, Mike Paar and more ... the list is long. And of course -- all of our fans -- who had made this possible.

The trade hits comic shops tomorrow -- but if you don't have a shop in your area -- you can still pick up the book at your favorite online retailer! 

If you enjoy it, please consider writing a review on BookLikes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and GoodReads! 

Thank you! 

Entertainment Weekly on The Only Living Boy

Harvey Award winner Steve Ellis shares his personal story about The Only Living Boy

So close .... so close

We're #137 in our category on Amazon.
I so badly want to breach the Top 100 spot today. 

A Novel Idea: 13 thrilling graphic novels to read in March

Blastr lists The Only Living Boy as on of the 13 most thrilling graphic novels to read this March! 

"The Only Living Boy is ready to join the ranks of books like Bone and Amulet as one of the very best." 

If you haven't snagged your copy yet, Amazon has it at 43% off for like the next day or so!

Only Living Boy Book Tour!

To celebrate The Only Living Boy, David Gallaher and Steve Ellis are hitting the road so they can meet with fans, sign some books, draw some sketches and give insights into how comics are made. They've got a packed schedule that includes store signings, convention appearances and a couple of other unique events. Make sure to stop by and say hi if they're in your area!

March 5, Early Afternoon
Harrison, NY
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March 5, Late Afternoon
Montclair, NJ
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March 6
Staten Island, NY
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March 8
Brooklyn, NY
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March 18-20
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April 2
Frederick, MD
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April 3
Falls Church, VA.
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April 14
Long Island, NY
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April 30
Bellingham, MA
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Oh hey....

The Only Living Boy #1: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis

My book comes out this month. 


I've had plenty of book come out before -- but nothing like this -- so yes, I will be talking about it a lot in my attempt to get in on top tens bestseller lists, I will giving interviews, and encouraging ya'll to write reviews here, on GoodReads, and on Amazon. 

I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry. 

And thank you for your support! 

The Only Living Boy ComicsPro Cover

Oh and we're touring!

Pre-Order The Only Living Boy and Help Comic Creators in Need!

The Only Living Boy #1: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis



When you pre-order The Only Living Boy trade paperback, you won't just be helping Erik navigate his way through a Patchwork Planet, you'll be helping The Hero Initiative help comic creators in need!

Thanks to Amazon Smile, a portion of each sale will be donated directed to the The Hero Initiative!

The Hero Initiative is the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. Hero creates a financial safety net for yesterdays' creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. It's a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much enjoyment.



The Doorman Advance Review

I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of Heavy Metal's upcoming release 'The Doorman' by Eliot Rahal, Daniel Kibblesmith and Kendall Goode. I'll start off by saying -- congratulations to Heavy Metal for picking up such an impressive looking and clever title. Secondly, the artwork by Kendall Goode strikes just the right note here -- reminding me a little of the Men in Black and Sam & Max cartoons of yesteryear. The concept is simple enough -- every populated planet has a DOOR. Those who operate the DOORS are called Porters -- and they are intergalactic doormen, who stand watch over their post with vigilance. But ... when an assassin shows up ... things get a little outrageous. 

Fans of FUTURAMA, HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, RICK & MORTY and DOCTOR WHO who adore this book -- which is filled with action, humor, and assorted comic gore. 

It's hitting comic shops on March 2nd!